Duncan Clark US CleanTech

Duncan Clark, US CleanTech’s Head of European Business Operations since 2012, holds a pivotal and strategically important role in the early-stage capital investment firm.
The UK-based clean technology company is dedicated to finding, providing and promoting commercially viable solutions to the environmental issues that affect us all.
US CleanTech
US CleanTech provides advice, funding and strategic help to those working in the clean technology sector, facilitating the commercialisation of innovative new projects through strategic partnerships. Forging strategic partnerships with multinationals, investment banks and governments in the Middle East, the Americas and throughout Europe, US CleanTech is able to help develop innovative and exciting projects alongside scientists and entrepreneurs working within this industry.

An expert voice in the commercialisation of clean technology research, US CleanTech offers advice to entrepreneurs and scientists, particularly in the areas of policy compliance, structuring and market penetration. With strong connections with the world’s leading research centres, as well as the most innovative private sector companies and private equity firms, US CleanTech is able to utilise its powerful network to develop its projects to a commercially viable and competitive scale. The company’s extensive network is a key factor in its success, as these multinational strategic partners enable growth and future profits.

US CleanTech selects projects that have the potential to revolutionise the clean technology sector – not simply projects will participate in the sector, but those that could go on to dominate the marketplace. Established to find a solution to the issues of resource shortages and energy spike fluctuations, US CleanTech is an innovative and energetic force in the rapidly expanding clean technology sector.

Under Duncan Clark, US CleanTech’s European division works to identify the most exciting technologies that are being developed by researchers and scientists. For every 50 projects that the company reviews, it will – on average – continue with only one, as US CleanTech has strict criteria around scalability, suitability and other strategic requirements. One of the most important objectives that any project must fulfil to be accepted is that the underlying technology at the heart of the project must objectively improve the environment and/or environmental conditions.

Those projects that are taken on by US CleanTech have been identified as the most innovative and exciting, and the company works alongside entrepreneurs and scientists to achieve commercial success.