Duncan Clark Teysha Technologies

Duncan Clark, Teysha Technologies’ Head of Business Operations, has held this strategically important role since November 2017.
Based in London, Teysha Technologies was established to develop a solution to plastic pollution, and the company works alongside leading research scientists and the best process and commercialisation specialists to achieve this goal.
Teysha Technologies
It is believed that around 10 million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year, a figure that makes it ever-more important and urgent to find a solution to plastic pollution. Teysha Technologies has developed a natural product polycarbonate platform, which creates a range of polymers that can be used in place of traditional plastics. The polymers developed by Teysha Technologies have novel properties and a variety of practical applications which can be used to meet the increasing demand for more sustainable plastics.

The Teysha Technologies platform invention provides the design of synthetic strategies for the development of polymer materials that have new and novel combinations of strength, density and toughness. Each of these polymer materials comes from renewable sources and undergoes hydrolytic breakdown, which creates by-products that are biologically beneficial.

Rather than offering a single polymer system, Teysha Technologies offers a solution to plastic pollution through its polymer platform. This platform is a system that allows a variety of modified natural product monomers and thiol co-monomers to be used.

Additionally, various other solvents and additives can be used to further modify and expand the final polymer network, which means that a greater variety of sustainable plastic products can be created. Teysha Technologies has created sustainable plastics that are available in a variety of forms, strengths and textures, and its products can be directly applied to current plant machinery with very low capital costs.

Teysha Technologies was created as a result of more than 10 years of research and problem solving in the fields of ocean plastics, plastics pollution and bioplastics. The team at Teysha Technologies includes Professor Karen Wooley as Inventor and Chief Technology Officer; Dr Clive Rankin as Chairman; Matthew Stone as Managing Director; Dr Steve Taylor as Technology Development Director; Dr Ashlee Jahnke as Head of Research and Development; and Duncan Clark, Teysha Technologies’ Head of Business Operations.