Duncan Clark Renovare Fuels

Duncan Clark, Renovare Fuels Limited’s Director of Business Development, has held his position with the UK-based waste-to-energy technology company since 2016.
Renovare Fuels designs, manufactures and markets new technologies that convert AD biogas and landfill gas into liquid transportation fuel. The company was established to find a sustainable and viable solution to the growing energy demand and ever-increasing waste accrual of society in the modern day.
Renovare Fuels
Creating and promoting new technology that converts biogas into liquid fuel, Renovare Fuels is able to produce both diesel and Jet A1. Chemically and physically, Renovare Fuels’ products are practically identical to those that are derived from fossil fuels, meaning they can be used as a direct replacement without the need for engine conversions or modifications.

Renovare Fuels’ innovative technology is based on a synergistic combination of two transformative catalyst technologies, which has produced a middle distillate fuel that it is able to produce more efficiently and cost effectively than any of its competitors.

The technology developed by Renovare Fuels uses biogas produced in landfills, sewage treatment facilities and anaerobic digesters; by using this waste material as the main source of energy for the process there are no added complications around sustainability and a negative environmental impact, and Renovare Fuels does not have to compete with feedstock food supply chains. As such, Renovare Fuels complies fully with the sustainability criteria of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, and compared to analogues derived from fossil fuels, Renovare Fuels’s products can achieve a reduction of up to 96.8% of greenhouse gases.

Fuel production for Renovare Fuels will be rapidly increased over the next ten years, with a yearly production target of 250 million by 2030. The capacity for producing even higher amounts is entirely possible as, according to DEFRA, in the UK over 30 million tons of biodegradable waste is produced every year, which is enough to produce more than two billion litres of Renovare Fuel’s innovative biofuel. At a global scale, if Renovare Fuels’ technology was utilised the company estimates that it could produce more than 40 billion litres of transportation fuel every year.

Renovare Fuels’ dedication to sustainable energy is mirrored in its own processes and plants, as its technology has been developed to efficiently recycle both heat and mass flows. By recycling its waste heat streams, Renovare Fuels is able to power all auxiliary electrical equipment and sell the surplus back to the electrical grid.