Duncan Clark NextGen Nano

Duncan Clark, NextGen Nano’s Director of Operations, is an expert in alternative energy sources, with extensive knowledge of both nanotechnology and OLED technology.
A high-tech company that focuses on the empowerment of the individual, NextGen Nano aims to decentralise power generation from traditional grids and governments.
NextGen Nano
NextGen Nano works to reduce our reliance on pollutants, fossil fuels and finite materials, whilst having a deliberate, positive and sustainable environmental impact. Alternative energy sources, OLED technology and nanotechnology are at the heart of NextGen Nano, as is the idea of decentralising power in terms of energy supplies.

Having developed a benchmark IP, NextGen Nano is forging a path to success in the decentralising of energy, working within the recent government CO2 emission and climate policy goals. Thanks to its innovative and groundbreaking technology, NextGen Nano hopes to replace polluting and unsustainable materials with more environmentally friendly biopolymer substitutes.

NextGen Nano has developed a solar cell that produces energy at a far more effective and efficient rate than any rival technologies, as well as at a much lower cost than is possible with existing hardware. The hard-wearing, transparent cells that have been developed by NextGen Nano can be applied to a wide range of materials and surfaces, including flexible surfaces, which makes the technology much more applicable and accessible across the board. Both more useable and cost-effective than previous iterations, NextGen Nano’s technology has a huge number of potential real-world applications.

Developments in the nanotechnology sector will have a significant impact in almost every other industry, and as such, the market is expected to be worth $75.8 billion in 2020. NextGen Nano’s technology team is led by Dr Franky So, the renowned and respected nanoscientist and inventor, and the company has two innovative and exciting products: PolyPower and New Fusion.

PolyPower is a blend of earth-friendly biopolymers with the latest advances in nanotechnology to create a powerful solar cell technology that can be used in everyday and industrial environments. With PolyPower, NextGen Nano aims to design a product that is earth-friendly, super-efficient, transparent, flexible, robust, and infinitely applicable.

New Fusion technology uses triplet-triplet annihilation (TTA) to create a product that only requires half the voltage of traditional phosphorescent OLEDs and is purely carbon-based, with a longer lifetime and lower voltage requirement than the existing alternatives.