Duncan Clark


Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark, Renovare Fuels Limited’s Director of Business Development, is an expert in several areas including alternative energy, sustainable business, nanotechnology, and the waste-to-energy industry.

A successful businessman, Clark currently holds several high-ranking and strategic positions. In addition to his role at Renovare Fuels, he is involved with US CleanTech, Teysha Technologies, and NextGen Nano. Earlier in his career, Clark was a Partner at Mandolin Systems (2003-2006) and a Director of the Lexington Group (2006-2013).

As Head of European Business Operations at US CleanTech, Duncan Clark joined the London-based company in 2012. In his role, Clark works to support entrepreneurs and scientists in their journey to commercialise their research; US CleanTech offers early-stage capital investment, as well as advice on market penetration and business structuring through strategic partnerships.

In his role as Head of Business Operations at Teysha Technologies, Clark is involved with bioplastics and the ever-present issue of plastics pollution. Based in London, Clark has worked in this role since 2017, where he is able to share his skills and expertise in strategic planning, project management and business development. Clark is also involved with NextGen Nano, where he works as Director of Operations. In this role, Clark continues to develop alternative energy sources, nanotechnology and OLED technology.

A waste-to-energy technology company, Clark joined Renovare Fuels Limited in 2016 as the Director of Business Development. The UK-based company has a team of top-tier chemical engineers, who bring a broad range of expertise, including scale up and the operations of commercial-scale fuels plants; novel technologies (TRIFTS); and the conversion of landfill gas and AD biogas to create liquid transportation fuel. Renovare Fuels Limited’s mission is to revolutionise the waste-to-energy sector, as well as reducing the UK’s consumption of fossil fuels and its dependence on foreign oil supplies.

Duncan Clark is proficient in both Spanish and Portuguese, and in his spare time he enjoys travelling to both countries. An avid traveller, Clark has recently visited countries as diverse as Brazil, Morocco, Italy and the Caribbean. Hobbies include a number of sports and outdoor activities, including swimming, scuba diving, rowing, fishing, CrossFit and rugby. Having previously coached rugby, Clark is passionate about the sport and supports the Leinster Rugby and Ireland Rugby clubs.