Duncan Clark

Director of Business Development

This is the blog of Duncan Clark, Renovare Fuels Limited’s Director of Business Development. Covering a range of topics that relate to Clark’s areas of expertise and his professional interests.

Waste to energy

Clean Tech

An Overview

This blog will explore subjects including organic waste, OLED technology, the waste to energy industry, and the UK’s clean tech industry.

This blog will also introduce each of the businesses that Clark is currently involved with, which include Renovare Fuels, a UK-based waste-to-energy technology company; US CleanTech, an early-stage capital investment company in the fields of science and innovation; NextGen Nano, a nanotechnology company; and Teysha Technologies, which focuses on bioplastics and plastics pollution.

Waste to energy

Exploring relevant and related topics will be the focus of this blog, including articles on the importance of clean technology, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19 and as part of a solution to climate change. Duncan Clark, US CleanTech’s Head of European Business Operations since 2012, is an expert in clean technology, having worked to promote and develop the industry for many years.

As Head of Business Operations at Teysha Technologies, Clark’s blog will explore topics such as bioplastics, ocean plastics, and the failures that have led to wide-spread plastic pollution. This blog will also uncover the history of the plastics industry, looking at areas such as plastic substitutes, the science of plastics, and the future of the material. Teysha Technologies is collaborating with Texas A&M to advance research into a more sustainable polycarbonate, details of which will be shared on this blog.

An introduction to Clark’s nanotechnology company, NextGen Nano, will explore the company’s work in this industry, including an in-depth exploration of the OLED market, looking at what the technology is, as well as its many advantages. A discussion around the latest challenges to the solar industry as well as other related technologies such as photovoltaics will also be included on this blog.

Renovare Fuels operates in the waste-to-energy sector, using novel technologies and industry expertise to convert AD biogas and landfill gas into liquid transportation fuel. This blog will look at relevant news and developments in this field, including organic waste’s clean energy potential and renewables. The latest global innovations and projects in the bioenergy and waste-to-energy sectors will also be discussed, including Norway’s latest multi-billion-euro project for CCS.